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Build Beautiful Icon Based Web Designs with Font Awesome 4

Do you want to learn how to easily create icon based web designs? Are you tired of using raster based icons (.bmp, .jpg, .png) that degrade when you resize them? Then this course is for you! This course demonstrates how to use and customize the icon based font library Font Awesome! Font Awesome can be used in web applications, web sites, and even in office products like Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word!

Each of the Font Awesome demonstrations include a sandbox which are hosted on JSFiddle. This allows you to easily practice the techniques I teach you! I also provide practical examples of how to use the icons to create an awesome user experience!

Udemy Course Reviews

“ Very informative and the explanation is very clear, it is easy to understand and apply. “

  • Wilson Julianes


“ Very good informative and well presented course - Thank You “

  • Jamie Henry


" Great Course "

  • Rich Helton


" This is a great course , and a perfect teacher "

  • Youssef Mohammed Abd Elfatah


About Me

Jacob has been working in the United States Federal IT arena for over 10 years. He has a bachelor's degree in IT concentrating in security, and holds many certifications.

In addition to Jacob's experience in cybersecurity and information technology, Jacob also has web administration and development experience using the SharePoint and WordPress platforms.

Jacob wants to help you take your career/company to the next level! Jacob is confident that his courses can contribute to that goal, and is looking forward to hearing your success story!



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